Youthing Program

Ready to RESET 

your pain, 

your weight, 

your fatigue, 

your anxiety, 

and more?  

This all-inclusive, 8 week YOUTHING program, sets you up to heal physically, mentally and psychologically. With my 20 years in the field of health, wellness and spiritual modalities – my goal is to show you easy, holistic youthing practices that will help reset mind, spirit, body so you feel like you did years ago. 

This program includes:


  •    8 Weekly Group Meetings for Check-ins and to Learn the Next 

Youthing Practice (1 hr)

  •    Holistic Product Package to start the Healing and Anti-Aging Process


  •    One-on-One Guidance on How to Achieve the Health Goals you Desire


  •    Youthing Meditations


  •    Breathing Techniques


  •    Additional Practices to keep you on the Path to Youthing

Cost of $425 includes all of the above.  


Sponsored by Kelly Rogers, Wellness Advocate and Shaman

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