Doctors Package

We get you set up as a Club Member -
 with Club Sparkle Holistic, Wellness Products

Step 1

This allows you ways to:  

  • Incorporate them into your procedure protocol  

  • Suggest them via a health assessment

  • Display them for purchase 

  • Take them yourself, to experience their effects

  • Allows your patients a way to experience product results 

We Set your Office Up for Success – with Flyers

Step 2

Whether you Display them in your Office – or Hand them out

  •  It allows your Staff and Patients to easily become Club Members

    • Once a Club Member, they receive discounted rates on these products.

    • It takes the burden away from your office staff.

    • No need to keep an inventory of products on-site.

    • Monthly auto-ship gives you and your patients the products they need.

    • All questions can be referred to the Customer Support Group.

We Do All The Heavy Lifting 

Step 3

My Customer Support Group will:

  • Provide each patient the same professional experience you’ve had.

  • We will complete all paperwork and submit it.

  • We will place your patients into your matrix, strategically getting you the best benefits.

  • We will show you how to access your “back office” so you can view your team and the see how your residual income is growing each week.

The last step is to set up a call with me so I can answer any questions.

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