Club Sparkle Virus Protection Shield

With the unfortunate outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, we all have a responsibility and duty to contain and prevent the spread of this nasty virus. 
Medical professions and doctors are working around the clock to provide everyone with precautions and guidelines to follow. Masks alone won't protect us from the virus so Club Sparkle has teamed up with Japans leading scientists and medical professionals to create a new virus shut out shield to help the community.

Virus Shut Out is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial personal protection device. This lanyard releases a low concentration of airborne chlorine dioxide to eliminate germs and viruses in the surrounding air. Just wearing this item around your neck creates a barrier against germs and viruses.

Less visible and obtrusive than a face mask, the Virus Shut Out is a good option for workplaces, public transport, and any other crowded space where airborne germs and viruses are a risk.

Active Ingredients

CIO2 (a new generation of widely effective and powerful fungicide)
Chlorine dioxide generating agent (Sodium chlorite, natural zeolite)

Where The Shield Can Be Used





Warrior Pack

Our Virus Shut Out Shield alone won't stop the spread. However this offer will not only protect you from the outside threats but ALSO gives you an opportunity to protect and boost your immune system with our new Warrior Pack. To receive your very own Shut Out Shield you will also be receiving a Warrior Pack packed with selenium, zinc, magnesium and more natural & organic containing based products to provide anti-viral protection, boost your immune system, and help you feel your best. 

What's Included

The Warrior Pack includes:

1 Virus Shut Out Shield Protection
1 Nectura

2 pack of Ion5

Special Additional Discounts

Membership Fee Waived ($30 savings)- allowing discounts on all future purchases and additional Shield Packages.
Shipping Charge Waived ($15 savings)
Extra 2 pack of ION 5 ($80 value)

All products are filled with Selenium, Zinc, and Magnesium- all great immune boosters and anti-virals!

Over $125 in savings!!!

How To Use The Shield

Take the Virus Shut Out from its package and use the included lanyard to hang around your neck. The product will react with the air and begin to work as soon as it is removed from the aluminum outer pack, so be sure not to open or puncture this pack until you are ready to use it. The Virus Shut Out Shield protects for approximately 30 days with multiple use. The Shield is safe to wear for newborns, young children, and adults.

Click below to schedule a call to get your very own Warrior Pack & Virus Shut Out Shield!

This device targets airborne germs. It does not replace basic hygiene measures as recommended by the World Health Organization, such as careful and frequent hand washing, practicing respiratory hygiene, and avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth. If you experience fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, see a doctor immediately.

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