Kelly's Story


Could I be a Super Hero?

As a Baby Boomer I’m happy to say I have an AMAZING life because of good supplementation over the past 18 years and a lot of gratitude.  

  • I’m pain free

  • I’m prescription free

  • And I’m in my 60s  

I’ve discovered –  the BEST SUPPLEMENTS are typically through network marketing companies & I’ve tried a lot  -


  • Quality control 

  • Better Absorption

  • Science

I learned general store supplements don’t break down and are flushed from our bodies  - let’s not even visualize what that looks like. 

And even the better products out there may only absorb at an 8% to 12% level.

So if you are like me - READY and OPEN for products that ABSORB AT 90% to 100%  - JUST SAY YES, TO CLUB SPARKLE PRODUCTS!


  • I’ve ELIMINATED all supplements in a capsule or tablet form.  Club Sparkle's multi-function products are liquid & powder, providing better absorption, way less supplements.

  • I add ION5 drops into my protein shakes and can feel more benefits from the nutrition in them.  

  • ION5 drops are added to my water during the day so that any food I am consuming can absorb at a higher level.  

  • NECTURA with some EVERYOUNG is my morning juice.  Free Radicals Be Gone!!!


I have more energy and mental clarity with just that additional absorption.  As a cancer survivor, who lost ½ my nose, seeing suspect skin spots heal on their own, in a matter of months, is a miracle for me.  And now after a full year, my Dermatologist is very impressed that I've stayed skin cancer free.

MY MISSION is to share these amazing products with everyone.