About the Company

Club Sparkle’s creators, owners, formulators are Anthony Diaz and Lani Dizon who have worked together for 25 years.  14 years ago they created Zenza Life Sciences, which is now Club Sparkle, in Japan. An amazing feat since all products must be approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health.  

A great success in Japan, with annual sales of over $50 Million, they have expanded into Taiwan, Vietnam and now the U.S. 

All the Club Sparkle products are manufactured in the US.  They are vegan, organic and contain the ION5 trace minerals – the superpower.  Clinical studies show how truly amazing these products are, providing healing from the inside out. Club Sparkle is a true health and wellness company.

Right now, Club Sparkle is offering a "Friends and Family" membership as a way to “join the Club” and receive all the benefits of their DCM plan and products. 


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